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5-Day: Digging into a Construction Theme

Welcome back!! We hope everyone's break was fun and restful. 5-Day is back in full swing. The class is very busy finishing up their beautiful art projects for the Spring Fling. Please keep open March 29th for a wonderful evening to celebrate Bowen and our families.

The children have also been exploring literacy concepts with fine motor activities such as ABC transformers, printing letters, tracing, and building letters with straight and curved shapes. We have been looking closely at the letters in our names and seeing who shares letters, counting how many letters are in our names, and identifying whose is the longest and the shortest. We are encouraging them to write their names on all their projects, giving them praise as they demonstrate their competence and confidence. We love to hear "I can do it all by myself!"

The discovery table has been full of floating blocks and colored water, with lots of experiments to determine how to make blocks float, how many blocks will stay on top and how can they fit in our pitchers. The class has built homes with playdough and different sized sticks. They have also been enjoying multiple sensory bins as they get back into the rhythm of the classroom.

Friday was the first day of March and the children traced the numbers on a calendar, adding a colorful picture to go with it. We are also graphing the daily temperature. Hopefully it will keep going up!

The dramatic play area has been busy with a variety of manipulatives as we transform this space into a work bench/tool table/construction office area. Any item along this theme that you could contribute would be greatly appreciated.

Some ideas could be:

  • nuts and bolts to screw together

  • small pieces of wood for an art activity

  • any size boxes for building and for small group projects

  • tubes, cylinders, containers

  • PVC pipes, which can be put together


Kindergarten screenings: If your child is going to kindergarten next year, let us know the date of your screening and we will do a short example the day before in school, so he/she will be more comfortable on that day.

March 8: Pancake Breakfast

March 14: Parent Conferences, sign up sheet on its way

Thank you,

Cathy and Kristi

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