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Director's Column: A Discussion on Entitlement - Bowen Workshop

As parents, we are subject to a constant barrage of demands from our children. I can't count how many times I have gone up and down the aisles of Target repeating over and over, "Not today. Put that back." When my daughters were little, it was ice cream and toys; now it's clothing and iPhones, and still ice cream sometimes. I sometimes joke that my main goal as a parent is to keep my children's expectations low. Although I think I have done a fairly good job over the years, I still find myself making their lunches every morning, folding their laundry, and giving them last minute rides to school when they don't get out of bed in time. Sometimes, even though I know I shouldn't, it's easier to say "yes" than it is to say "no". Unfortunately, saying "yes" might be easier in the moment, but it makes things more difficult in the long run. If, like me, you are concerned about raising children who appreciate and are grateful for what they have, especially in a community with so many resources, please join us on Tuesday, March 5th, 6:30-8:30pm, for a workshop with Dr. Rebecca Platt and other Bowen Coop families. We will talk about how it is never too soon to starting thinking about bringing values of gratitude and giving back into your family. You will walk away with practical ideas as well as a larger framework to think about these issues. I will certainly be there and hope to see you too! Best, Nina

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