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3-Day: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....Blast Off!

3-Day children are not ready to head back to Earth! Some of us admitted that we weren’t up for a trip all the way to outer space, but we would be interested in traveling to the Moon. This week, we prepared to do just that. We made moon rocks and sang moon and rocket songs. During our outside playtime, we stomped our feet through the moon dust (snow) to make our own footprints on the Moon. We also prepared aluminum foil moon rocks for our moon rock hunt next week.

3-Day is also thoroughly enjoying the "countdown to blastoff", which has temporarily taken the place of our good morning song. The little astronauts crouch down and sing our rocket song and, when we get ready, we count back from 10 until blast off!

Throughout our themed activities, Caroline and I try to create a balance between "free choice" and "must do" activities. In our “must do” activities, we facilitate tactile and sensory stimulating projects through direction and process art, creating an opportunity to explore materials one might not typically seek out. There is always a literacy or curriculum connection to our art table activities. Most children race to the table to get started, but some need some gentle encouragement. As you can see by the variety of artwork displayed, the children really enjoy the opportunity to create their own masterpieces.

This week, we read some great fiction and nonfiction stories about outer space; You Can Do It, Sam; Stars Stars Stars; I Took the Moon for a Walk; and The Mouse Who Ate the Moon.

We loved our time with Steve on Wednesday, who sang some really fun songs and told us our favorite stories!

It was wonderful to see so many of you at the pancake breakfast! It’s one of my most favorite Bowen celebrations. The children absolutely love wearing their pajamas to school and it makes for a carefree, special kind of day. It’s also wonderful to see Bowen Alumni come back for the special event.

To conclude our week, we worked off all our maple syrup with Coach John, using stretch bands, hula hoops, and, our favorite, the obstacle course!

Thank you for signing up for our Spring Conferences on April 3rd. Time seems to be going so fast!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you Monday. Please note that I will be absent on Wednesday and Friday next week. Caroline will be joined by Nina and our favorite Bowen helper, Barbara.

Karen and Caroline

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