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Pre-K: Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

Pre-K was on fire this week with all things "Zz"! Our highlight of the week was designing, building and labeling a zoo from the recycled materials that all of you brought in - thank you for making this activity possible.

Quick Synopsis:

Language and literacy activities included chalkboard writing with wet Q-tips and identifying the beginning sounds of various zoo animals. Our math work included using our fingers to decompose the number 10, a game called Subtraction Squish (with play doh and number lines), and another game called Race to 20 (we are still trying to keep up with the class' hunger for math!). We also tried sewing! This is a great activity for strengthening fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. We used burlap, large needles, and embroidery floss in different colors. The children loved it!

Using small zoo animals, cardboard, tape and prompts like, “Make a pool for the flamingos,” children created their own zoo! We saw lots of creativity, collaborative planning, and execution, which was exciting to witness. The zoo is quite spectacular and is on display in the big room. Here are quotes from while they were working:

Jiyoo: I’m making a home for the butterfly so it can hang on a tree.

Lara: I'm working on a zebra home.

Haley: I’m making a stand for the baby animals to practice standing on their own.

Asher: I’m making a shed for the animals.

Jack: I did kangaroo and panda houses with David.

Nathan: Blue tape is strong. I’m using it to connect things together. This habitat is for only wooden animals.

Gracie: Every animal deserves a drink. Can we build a vet area for the zoo? This is where the animals can step in line.

Catherine: This can be a rug for them to rest.

Selah: I built a stable with bricks so the animals couldn’t get out.

Harry: I’m making a home for the butterflies.

Carter: I’m helping Harry.

David: Now we need more kangaroos.

Evan: Now I’m working on the bottom. This is where the monkeys are going to climb.

Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to set your clocks forward an hour on Saturday night.

Emily and Martine

Books included:

Never, Ever Shout in a Zoo

Clever Jack Takes the Cake

From Head to Toe

1, 2, 3 to the Zoo

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