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3-Day: Mission Complete!

Our classroom was quite small this week, with several children traveling or home sick. Unfortunately, we have been attacked by the flu and some yucky colds. As we mend ourselves back to health, we remind children every day about the risk of germs. We discuss the importance of hand washing and we make sure that each boogie sneeze is followed by a few tissues and a hand wash or hand sanitize.

This week, 3-Day concluded our unit of outer space with a trip to the Moon! We made our space helmets on Monday and prepared our rocket ships for take-off. After dressing and preparing for take-off with space boots, oxygen and helmets, we floated down the halls and out to the Bowen playground. The children had a blast searching for and collecting moon rocks that were hidden on the Moon’s surface.

We read some great stories this week: Roaring Rockets, There’s No Place Like Space, The Moon, and Astronauts.

One of the goals of 3-Day is to help your child recognize his or her name. Many of them already do! As you will see, we worked on a project this week, creating rocket ships with the letters of our names. The children did a great job, working with teachers, to place and glue each letter of their names to make their own rocket ships. Some of them were quite short and others were long! There was a huge sense of pride after each rocket was constructed, and it was great to see the children talking about the similarities and differences.

We read three stories with Priscilla on Monday. She has a magical way of holding the children’s attention and always has quick little rhymes and chants in her back pocket. She was very proud of the kids this week for being such great listeners, as was Steve at Music and Coach John at Creative Movement on Friday.

Looking ahead, we have not yet told the children, but Caroline and I have started the incubation process for 11 little chicken eggs. The eggs take 21 days to reach full development, so we decided to wait until day 14 to introduce them to the children. It makes the waiting process much easier! Next week, we have a visit from the Museum of Fine Arts. We plan to supplement their visit with a study of some famous artists. The following week, we will begin our farm unit and talk about the life cycle of our baby chicks. With some luck, we will hatch our chicks by the first week of April! Lots to look forward to!

Please continue to send in boots with outdoor gear. As the weather gets warmer and the snow begins to melt, we have lots of muddy puddle stomping to do.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Karen and Caroline

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