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5-Day: Trains, Planes, and More!

This week, we began our cooperative group construction project. We introduced the project by reading the book Not a Box by Antoinette Portis as a class. In this book, a young bunny plays with boxes and shows how he uses his imagination to turn them into something amazing! Each child was then assigned to a group of peers, including classmates that he or she does not generally spend as much time with. The children worked incredibly well together throughout the process and it was wonderful to see the positive social skills they have developed during the year demonstrated in their interactions! Here are the steps we have completed so far:

Step One: Planning

Each group was given several cardboard boxes of various sizes and shapes. They moved the boxes around and discussed ideas of what they could create. After making a decision on a favorite idea together, each child was given a piece of grid paper to sketch their plans. We made notes of important elements to include and designs to remember. Here is what each group chose to construct:

  • Hot Air Balloon - Mia, Lucas, Caleb, Tanya

  • Airplane - Kaia, Marlo, Alex, Connor

  • Train - James, Nate, Marie-Sophie, Minna

  • Rocketship - Madeline, Margot, Ashwin, Asher

Step Two: Assembling

The next day, we worked with our group to put the boxes together. We referred back to the plans we drew. The children helped each other move everything into position, taped pieces as needed, and figured out additional materials to use for wheels, wings, and etc.!

Step Three: Painting

We worked together and used our creativity to paint each surface of our projects. We are excited to finish the details in the coming week and to spend time playing with our creations in dramatic play!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our hands-on time, learning about construction the past few weeks! On Tuesday, we took a walk up the hill to observe a house in the process of being built. We discussed the many different jobs, skills, tools, and trucks involved and how the construction crew was cooperating and working together, just like we do in 5-day. We are hoping to take another walk soon to see their progress. It has been lovely soaking up the sunshine this week and we look forward to transitioning our curriculum themes.

Following our conferences with you, we have decided to do a mini-unit this coming week centered on our emotions. We will talk about our many different feelings and positive ways to manage them. From there, we will begin activities revolving around spring, life cycles, planting, and more!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kristi and Cathy

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