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3-Day: Under the Sea

This week, 3-Day had a very special visit from the New England Aquarium. Your children participated with gentle hands as they held hermit crabs, sea stars, mussels, clams, scallops and a variety of snails. We learned about tide pools and how the ocean tide changes, bringing new creatures to the beach.

We continued this exploration of the sea in our classroom all week. On Monday, we made colorful fish, which we painted with watercolor. You can find them on display in our classroom. On Wednesday, we started a two-part project by painting a large circle the color of the ocean. Then, the children used a variety of tools, such as bubble wrap, a loofa sponge and some textured rollers, to create the effect of the swirling ocean. On Friday, we completed our project with beach sand, seashells, fish and seaweed…our own mini oceans!

3-Day expressed great interest in writing storybooks this week. We set up mini blank paper books, markers, glue, tape and colored paper. We had books about superheroes, sports books, animal books, etc. It was inspiring to watch the creativity unfold.

This time of year can be interesting…it seems like each year, after April break, the children really seem to make leaps and bounds in their development as they prepare for the transition to 5-Day. One of the best parts of my job here at Bowen is watching the sensational growth that happens with all your children. It’s so satisfying to see them become little students, understanding the rules and routines of a classroom, forming real friendships and navigating their way through the day. Not all these milestones are easy. Sometimes children have a little regression before moving forward. Saying goodbye can become challenging again, they may be feeling some big emotions, and there may be a little more push back with following the rules as they search for independence and some control in their world. Hold on for the ride, but things usually settle down!

I hope all of you have a terrific spring break. Enjoy some family time, the warm weather, and signs of spring.

We will be getting our tiny caterpillars on Monday after break! Caroline and I are looking forward to experiencing the metamorphosis of the painted lady butterfly with your children. We usually set them free outside just before the end of school. Watching them fly away in their natural environment is very special.

Karen and Caroline

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