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3-Day: Creepy Crawly Caterpillars!

This week in 3-Day, we welcomed a bunch of hungry little caterpillars to our classroom. Each of your children, all by themselves, transferred food and a tiny caterpillar to individual containers. We will be carefully observing our caterpillars eating, pooping, moving and growing over the next week, as they prepare to build their cocoons. The children were very excited, and some even gave their caterpillar a name! Make sure you come in to take a peek at Stellan, Cattis, Ari, Caterpillar, Betsy and Dory!

We have read many stories about the life cycle of the butterfly and the season of spring. We read Earth Dance on Monday (in honor of Earth Day!) and Clara Caterpillar. On Wednesday, we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Friday, we read Farfallina and Marcel and Rain, Rain Everywhere.

Our art projects this week began with a mod-podge covered tissue paper leaf with tiny eggs; we made hungry caterpillar bracelets Wednesday and pom pom caterpillars on Friday. You will see them on display outside our classroom!

We explored all kinds of insects in our discovery and sensory table. The children used wind-up caterpillars to eat all the food the hungry caterpillar ate in the story. The children also wound up their speedy caterpillars for races on the classroom rug on Friday.

We have been working our fine motor muscles using stackers, bendies and puzzles at table three.

3-Day had some special visitors this week. Steve the Science Guy came to visit on Wednesday for a magic show! The children were so well-behaved for his one hour performance! Ask your child about his monkey and the magic pitcher of water! The same day, our music teacher Steve came to our classroom. On Friday, we played hockey and ball with Coach John and had a really fun creative movement class, while it rained outside!

Over the next week or two, we will have a couple prospective candidates observe for Caroline’s position. I am so very happy for Caroline moving to 5-Day! How wonderful for your children!!! She is talented, warm, nurturing and so insightful. I am going to miss her in our class very, very much next year!!

Have a wonderful weekend. Let us know if you make it over to sheep shearing at Gore Place.

Karen and Caroline

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