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Director's Column: "They will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, never, ever want to leav

This week, due to some teacher absences, I got to spend a LOT of time in the classrooms! The day always flies by when I am in a classroom, and I love getting to watch the teachers and children in action. In 3-Day, we have been watching our caterpillars grow and grow. Some have made their way to the top of their cups, so we should see them forming their chrysalises soon! We made our own happy caterpillars with tiny fingerprints, and a few children were very proud to show me their unique creations. I wonder what kind of butterflies they would be?

In 5-Day, we worked on our science journals, recording observations about the tadpoles and illustrating their growth. Children noticed the tails are getting shorter, the legs are getting longer, and they have toes! One child remarked that they look like they are having so much fun; they will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, never, ever want to leave 5-Day. I wonder if some children are feeling the same way. In Pre-K, we talked about the sounds "ch", "th" and "sh". The Pre-K children are experts at these sounds and were able to come up with some great words that begin with each digraph. We, then, did a math game with Cheerios, adding and subtracting them to a big bowl and a small bowl, then trying to figure out how many we had in all. Our favorite part was subtracting them from our bowls into our mouths! We only have one month of school left, so I will be soaking in all of these moments as much as I can! Best, Nina

#caterpillars #tadpoles #butterflies #digraphs

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