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3-Day: A Snapshot of Fun!

This week, Caroline and I paused for a moment as your children were playing. We

thought you would enjoy us capturing this moment in time.

Ariyan is helping Sam load the cargo on a truck in the block area.

Blake is working with Caroline on a very special Mother's Day gift!

Cecilia is wearing her favorite purple dress and putting on her ruby red slippers.

Eli uses the red scoop to fill his red bucket with buttons at the discovery table.

George works to build a playdoh creature with three arms.

Charlotte is working with Caroline on a very special Mother's Day gift!

Liam is driving his train through the town Ariyan and Sam are building.

Luke works to create a very silly playdoh creature with arms and legs inside!

Mae carefully plans her green playdoh creature, looking for two ears.

Reid is constructing a playdoh creature with a funny hat.

Rocco is working on a geometric puzzle.

Sam is loading the blocks on the truck to bring it to the construction zone.

Scarlet is collecting all the canines from the animal bin.

Sloane is using the magic paint paper at the easel.

Stella scoops the buttons into the pail at the discovery table.

Wolfie is using the dot markers to create a map at the writing area.

Caroline and I wanted to thank you all for making us feel so incredibly special this week. The staff luncheon, all the beautiful cards and thoughtful tokens of appreciation made our week! As you well know, we love each of your children and they make us smile every day. This is a very special class. Hope all the 3-Day moms have a wonderful Sunday! Be on the lookout for a Mother's Day surprise made by your child with love!!

Karen and Caroline

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