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5-Day: Field Day!

Dear 5-Day Families,

Our field trip to the Arnold Arboretum this week was an amazing success! We were incredibly lucky to have the warmest day of the spring thus far and loved soaking in the sunshine, while exploring the world around us. This adventure was the perfect supplement to our classroom curriculum in which we have been learning more about patterns and life cycles in nature. The children have enjoyed bringing in their findings for our Nature Show Time and we have had many rich discussions about flowers, bark, rocks, bird nests, shells and other findings. Our class nature collection is on display next to our growing tadpoles, who are in the process of growing their back legs! During Puddlestompers this week, we learned more about metamorphosis. Amber shared pictures and information about the changes that take place to become a butterfly or moth, a ladybug, and a frog. We were so excited to share what we have been learning about our own tadpoles!

At the Arboretum, the children were provided with their own magnifying glass and special jars to collect small objects they observed. It was wonderful to see how excited the children were as they made discoveries and looked closely at their surroundings. We spent the first hour following the trails, stopping many times along the way to observe and share our findings with each other. After a long walk, we returned to a grassy area to complete observational drawings. The children illustrated some of their favorite things from the morning. Following this activity, we gathered for a tasty snack before returning to Bowen. A big THANK YOU to our many parent volunteers - we are so grateful you would give your time and energy for the morning! The children were thrilled to experience this together.

Here are some of our favorite observations from the Arboretum, with illustrations on display outside our classroom. It seems the turtles were the highlight!

Lucas - I picked dandelions and found lots of things.

Connor - I saw lots of ants.

Ashwin - I found a leaf.

Minna - I saw 2 turtles.

Tanya - I saw flowers.

Marie-Sophie - I saw orange fish and a snake.

James - I saw 4 turtles in the water.

Asher - I saw a turtle and fish.

Nate - I saw a dandelion and some turtles.

Margot - I saw 2 turtles in the pond.

Alex - I liked being with my mom, and I saw some sprouts coming out of the trees.

Kaia - I saw some turtles.

Mia - I found something soft and fuzzy.

Madeline - I saw orange fish.

Marlo - I saw orange fish, dark green turtles, and lots of flowers.

Wren - I saw some turtles.

Caleb - I got a bunch of sticks.

In the classroom, we have been busy creating a special family gift! We are so thankful for our fathers, mothers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other special family members. Your support, encouragement, devotion, and love make all the difference in your child's life.

Thank you for the kindness shown to the teachers at Bowen this week! We so appreciated the delicious luncheon, kind notes, and thoughtful gifts. We look forward to enjoying the rest of the school year together.

With Love,

Kristi and Cathy

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