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3-Day: Waiting for Wings

We had a very special week in 3-Day. Each butterfly has started to emerge from the chrysalis! We spent the week singing, reading and playing all things butterfly! By next Monday, we hope that each butterfly has strong, dry wings as we set them free!

On Monday this week, we talked about symmetry and let the children explore this concept with painted butterfly wings. You won’t see these special butterflies until the last day of school though…they are very special!

We also had some very special visitors come to Bowen! The children spent some time snuggling baby ducks, bunnies, goats, a baby sheep and a pig! They were such careful and thoughtful little farmers! We got some great photos, too!

On Wednesday, we used watercolor to make vibrant coffee filter wings for our clothespin butterflies. You will see these hanging in our classroom. On Friday, we made Painted Lady butterflies to complete our life cycle project that we’ve been working on for the past month. Children will feel so proud when they bring home their finished work! It’s a wonderful culminating project for our metamorphosis unit. Stay tuned!

This week, we used shapes, keys and butterflies to work on patterning, counting and sorting at our table number three. It is so gratifying to see the progress your children have made so far! Our discovery table was filled with sand on Monday and Wednesday and the children worked hard to scoop, pour, pile and mound the sand, using a variety of tools. In Friday’s discovery table, we played with blue sky rice, puffy cotton ball clouds, flower building and butterflies! The children really enjoy the free exploration with the simplest materials. Caroline and I really try to base our activities on the many interests and personality ranges throughout our room. We are thoroughly enjoying watching children trying new things and developing new friendships.

We look forward to our day at Karen’s house on the 29th! We are hoping for great weather so we can enjoy the backyard, playing together in the grass and riding our ride-on toys in the driveway. As a reminder, Karen lives at 45 Adella Avenue in West Newton. We will plan on 9:30 to 11 a.m. If it looks like rain, I will notify everyone the night before and we will have our regular day at school from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Caroline and I want to maximize any outdoor time we can between now and the end of the year! We are hoping to have outdoor classroom on Monday. Our whole morning will take place outside on the playground. Meeting, singing, stories, art and freeplay -- all outside! Monday morning, please plan to bring your child directly to the playground for a 9 o'clock gate opening and dress for mess! We are learning some new songs for the end of the year. Here’s one to play with over the weekend.

Butterfly, Butterfly

Flutter around

Butterfly, Butterfly

Touch the ground

Butterfly, Butterfly

Fly so free

Butterfly, Butterfly

Land on me

Butterfly, Butterfly

Reach the sky

Butterfly, Butterfly

Say Goodbye

Have a wonderful weekend!

Karen and Caroline

#butterflies #farmanimals #patterns #counting #sorting #outdoor

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