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3-Day: Goodbye, For Now...

This was my happiest year of teaching. Ever. Your children brought me such joy and filled my heart with love every day! As parents, you made Caroline and I feel truly appreciated by your kind words, adorable anecdotal stories about school, and by spoiling us with coffee and treats!

Words cannot express the range of emotions experienced this week. Watching your children grow and develop over the year has been such an amazing journey for me and Caroline and we are so proud of them. We loved seeing your children’s enthusiasm and energy while they worked together this year, developing friendships that may last forever. They now demonstrate impressive levels of independence and they are ready to move forward!!

The 2019 Bowen Classroom Yearbook sits on my coffee table. I took the time this morning to read each and every page. Please know how much I appreciate all the effort that went into creating it!

Caroline and I are thankful for all your help and support this year. We hope all of you have a terrific summer! I’ll stop by Junebugs to say hello and maybe steal a few more hugs!

Please stay in touch! I’d love to see some summer photos and look forward to watching many of our 3-Day friends move into their new classroom in September.

Karen and Caroline

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