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3-Day: Orange and Purple Make Planets and Stars

This week, we explored orange and purple as we read Vivvy's, Hey Ho, It's Off To Mars We Go and Nate's, Waiting Isn't Easy. Whether they know all their colors or are learning them now, your children are exploring through play, developing deeper knowledge of their colors, including shades of color and color mixing!

3-Day enjoyed some really fun art this week. We painted the planet Mars with red and yellow sponge brushes to create some orbiting orange planets in space. The color orange was everywhere: orange pumpkins, orange cheese for snack, orange connectagons at our manipulative table, and, of course, we had to make some orange galactic slime, complete with sparkly glitter.

Our discovery table was filled with the nighttime sky sensory bin, consisting of black beans, yellow glittery pom poms, and gold pipe cleaners with planets, moons and spaceships. Since both stories this week focused on outer space, our discovery table was a popular spot in the classroom. I can tell that the children will really enjoy our study of outer space later in the year!

On Friday, we added some science to our sensory table. The children used tiny eye droppers filled with purple vinegar and experimented with baking soda. Watching their eyes light up as the baking soda fizzed up was so much fun!

The children also painted stars and diamonds all shades of purple. Once they colored their entire shape purple, Mayson and I let them sprinkle a little bit of galaxy glitter on their stars and diamonds. As you will see, we created a very special 3-Day Universe on display outside our classroom.

Also on Friday, Coach John taught us a new game called Messy Backyard. The children had so much fun throwing and kicking as many balls as possible to keep their backyard clean. The only problem was, their friends were working just as hard to keep their yard just as clean! It ended up being an exciting game, full of laughs and lots of gross motor development!

Olly had some wonderful news to share with his classmates today! He is the new BIG BROTHER to new baby Cody! Congratulations to the whole family!

We also have some big 3-Day news. Our new student Loreli will be starting school on Wednesday. Please let your child know that they will be meeting a new friend! We are very excited to meet her. Our new special number will now be 16!!

We hope you all have a great weekend and look forward to seeing you next Wednesday.

Karen and Mayson

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