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3-Day: Snapshot!

Hooray! We made it through our last inconsistent, short week at school! Mayson and I are greatly looking forward to having our 3-Day children for three WHOLE days next week. Even with the fluctuating schedule, the children are making progress every day by recognising our signals and learning our classroom routines. We are also working on a special way to get our jackets on all by ourselves! It's called the "dip and flip" method. Ask your child to show you how!

We continue to explore our favorite stories. This week we read Jax's, Pete The Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons and Natasha's, The Secret Birthday Message. We integrated green and pink into our table activities this week.

On Friday, during our play time, I took a look around our room and my heart felt happy. This is what I observed:

WILL was lining up trains underneath a duplo play mat in the corner of the block area.

LILLY was pulling on a princess dress, while trying to keep her crown on straight.

RUBY was at the discovery table, flipping over pink floating circles with Riya.

VIVVY was using a white crayon to make a secret message to be discovered by pink watercolor.

NATE was in the play kitchen, placing the cupcakes in the pan.

RIYA was at the discovery table with Ruby, playing with the pink floating circles.

EMMA was sitting on the meeting area floor, working on a puzzle.

NATASHA was putting on a princess dress, while holding a magic wand.

OLLY was painting shades of pink with a roller at our easel.

SIMON was working on a puzzle on the meeting area floor.

CHARLIE was counting four koosh balls one-by-one at table three.

JAX was lining up the koosh balls, counting to four, at table number 3 with Charlie.

ATHARV was lining up the plastic animals with our new friend Lorelai.

MALIA was in the play kitchen, pretending her tiger and giraffe were eating all the fruit in the refrigerator.

LORELAI was lining up the plastic animals on the floor with Atharv.

Next week, 3-Day will be learning about the colors brown, black and white, and gray as we continue our unit of favorite stories.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Karen and Mayson

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