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5-Day: N is for Nocturnal

This week, 5-Day learned about nocturnal animals. These are animals that are mainly active during the night. We wanted to get a closer look at these animals. So, what better way to observe nocturnal animals than to camp out in their natural habitat at night? That's exactly what we did! Dramatic play was so much fun this week. We turned off the lights and played nighttime forest sounds. Fully equipped with oil lamps, night vision binoculars, a compass and a utility knife, we set off to explore the forest. Some of us were brave enough to enter a cave in search for bears and bats. We also came across raccoons, owls, flying squirrels, opossums, foxes, toads, hedgehogs, hares and so much more. Back at camp, we had a great time sitting by the fire and roasting marshmallows. It was a fun adventure.

Take a look at our snapshots of play below and let the children show you how we learned through play this week!

ARIYAN was painting fall trees with crumpled up foil.

BLAKE was using leaves to create his own leaf man just like in the book Leaf Man.

ROCCO was recreating a picture made up of many differently shaped blocks.

GEORGE was outside, during a Puddlestompers nature exploration, turning over dirt and leaves with Scarlet to see what he could find.

STELLA was relaxing and drinking some water by the campfire with Cecilia.

ELI was counting and helping the class figure out what date it was.

LUKE was building delicious sand pies for the nocturnal animals with Scarlet.

NICHOLAS caught a big goldfish while we were camping.

REID was using his night vision binoculars to search for animals in the night.

CHARLOTTE was playing the spikey hedgehog game. Roll a die and add that number of spikes to the hedgehog.

SCARLET was scraping out the seeds and stringy pulp from a large pumpkin.

MAE was using sticks to create a forest nighttime scene, filled with creature eyes. I wonder what animals they belong to.

LIAM was blindfolded, pretending to be a bat, using echolocation to find food.

CECILIA was using a star ruler to measure how long certain nocturnal animals are.

ISLA was building her name mat with lots of tiny buttons.

SLOANE was jumping through an onion ring of fire during Creative Movement.

Can you find the matching photos? We have also attached some photos from last Saturday's Special Visitor’s Day.

Have a great weekend!

Caroline and Cathy

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