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3-Day: Ladybugs, Shades of Gray and Our First Obstacle Course!

3-Day friends began the week celebrating Ruby‘s favorite story, Ladybug Girl. As we focused on the color brown, we added lots and lots of plastic ladybugs to our enormous bark samples from the landscapers who were trimming the trees of Bowen. Children explored the bark's rich BROWN color and grooved surface. We noticed lots of tiny holes made from other insects and beetles in nature, and we learned that bark is a happy home for many of these insects. Our class was lucky enough to find a REAL ladybug on the playground which made the day extra special!

Melissa from Puddlestompers heightened our day by teaching us about some creatures in nature that live right outside our Bowen school. Children used shovels and collecting cups to dig around the leaves outside to find lots of interesting things!

On Wednesday, we explored the colors BLACK and WHITE. Will's story, Harry the Dirty Dog was the perfect segway for the "doggy dog wash" in our discovery table. The children played with small plastic dogs in dirty mud and used tiny cloths to scrub them clean; we finished with a rinse, then put them right back in the mud.

We made some pretty amazing art using our playdoh tools dipped in black paint on white paper. The simple contrast made for some beautiful works of art! We hope you were able to take a peek at our 3-Day bulletin board. We also talked about lots of animals that are black and white. Zebras, polar bears, and penguins helped us explore our sensory materials at table number 2. We even had Oreos for snack!

On Friday, we asked our children to bring in a stuffed animal from home as we celebrated Emma's favorite story, Knuffle Bunny! During morning meeting, we all introduced our stuffed object from home. Mayson and I enjoyed meeting all the snuggly friends. On Friday, we experimented with black and white paint at our easel to see how many different shades of gray we could make. Once children got the hang of it, they really enjoyed the painting. We used gray clay for sculpting, using our textured rollers and cutters to play with real sculpting clay.

At Creative Movement, Coach John set up our first obstacle course. Your children did a fantastic job navigating their way through the cones, zig-zagging, balancing on the beam and jumping through the ring of fire! Friday was our best day yet! We finally had all 16 children and it was our first full week in a while.

Mayson and I are really enjoying watching your children settle in to the 3-Day routine. We introduced our classroom jobs this week. You may hear your child mention that they were the weather helper, calendar helper, line leader or the caboose. We rotate the children through the jobs, so, if your child has not had a job yet, they will very soon.

Next week, we will be concluding our favorite story unit, celebrating all the colors of the rainbow and Halloween. It's going to be a fun week!

Have a wonderful weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday!

Karen and Mayson