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Pre-K: Albers, About Our Senses, and Apples

This newsletter on "Aa" week is going to be a little different and filled with lots of quotes. Your children showed us such self-reflection and creativity this week that I wanted to share it directly. But first, a few notes about the skills we worked on and the tools we used:

  • Language and Literacy

  • Alphabet sound game (in pairs)

  • Beginning sound game

  • Review of the letters we have worked on: trace over the chalk letters with wet q-tips on a chalkboard

  • Math/Science

  • Predictions about what will keep slices of apple from turning brown (saltwater, vinegar, lemon juice, milk) - experiment to be continued next week

  • Number bingo, numbers 1-20 for number recognition

  • Shape name, color, count the sides and cut out (square, circle, diamond, crescent, pentagon, hexagon, rectangle, triangle)

  • Counting with 1:1 correspondence and counting on (introduction to addition): each child was given a ball of playdough from which they were asked to count out a certain number of chunks, add a number, start again, etc.

  • Art/Math

  • Pre-K’s Exploration of Josef Albers' Squares: A Multi-Day, Multi-Layered Project

  • Day 1: Read An Eye for Color: The Story of Josef Albers. Children finger painted their largest squares

  • Day 2: children used foam rollers to color their medium squares

  • Day 3: children used tweezers to hold their smallest squares and dip them in watercolor baths

  • Day 4: glue them together

  • They are now on display in Bowen’s Big Room!

I am frequently astonished by the depth of children’s perceptions about the world around them, and nowhere do you start to see this more clearly than in Pre-K. Your children amazed me this week. After reading The Black Book of Colors about how a boy who is blind feels, hears, smells and touches colors, I asked children to close their eyes and imagine that their world was full of their favorite color. I then asked what their favorite color was and what it smelled, felt, sounded or tasted like. Here are their answers:

My favorite color is...

Hope: the rainbow; it tastes like cinnamon.

Ashwin: rainbow blueberry; it tastes like brown sugar.

Emersyn: pink; it smells like watermelon.

James: blue; it smells like blueberries.

Hazel: purple; it tastes like cinnamon.

Nate: red; it sounds like the fireplace and feels hot.

Story: red mixed with white; it tastes fresh.

Martin: red; it smells like strawberries and feels rough.

Lucas: pink and red; it feels like tv.

Marie-Sophie: rainbow; it feels like pink delicious and smooth.

Connor: chocolate ice cream brown; it tastes like gummies.

Rowen: red; it tastes like strawberries and smells like smoke.

Zafi: green; it tastes like salt.

On Friday we took an adventure to the Big Room and the Bowen Hill and asked the children, “What do our senses tell us?”

Responses from the Big Room:

Martin: I feel the scruff of the carpet.

Ashwin: I feel my squishy jacket.

Story: It smells rotten.

Lucas: I feel my fuzzy sweatshirt.

Marie-Sophie: The carpet feels like pinkalicious and smells like my shoe.

Hazel: I felt my fuzzy jacket.

James: I can hear 3-Day and I see red.

Hope: I hear 3-Day and see chairs.

Connor: I hear 3-Day and see the orange vacuum.

Emersyn: I see the white windows and the [hand of the] clock moving.

Nate: I hear the sink and I see the red bumpy seat.

Rowen: I hear the sink.

Zafi: I smell chocolate.

Responses from the Bowen Hill (while 5-Day was having Creative Movement below):

Nate: I felt a smooth leaf.

Connor: I heard music and I am feeling the leaves.

Rowen: I’m feeling the leaves and grass.

Story: I feel my thumbs.

Lucas: I felt the grass and I heard music.

Hazel: I heard music and Coach John.

James: I heard music and felt leaves that were rough.

Marie-Sophie: I felt the grass and the sky and the sun was red hot.

Zafi: I felt the clouds like cotton candy.

Emersyn: I heard the birds.

Hope: I heard the music.

Ashwin: I felt the grass and the leaves felt cold.

Martin: The grass feels smooth.

We were truly impressed by your children's perceptions and ability to articulate their observations. We can’t wait to hear more. Have a wonderful weekend, and please be sure to pick up your child’s Degas dancers from the Big Room. We will keep the name tags, though.

Thank you to Nina for spending a few days with us in Pre-K!

Emily and Martine

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