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Director's Column: It was a Roaring Good Time! We Dressed to Kill...All to Help Bowen Foot the B

The Fall Fête is one of my favorite Bowen events because it is the first opportunity for the entire community to get together socially and get to know each other better. You all brought it last night! A lot of thought, care, and effort was put into making this evening a roaring success, and it certainly paid off. It always amazes me just how much effort it takes to make something look effortless, so "cheers" to those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to pull off a fantastic evening.

Thank you to our fundraising team for tirelessly soliciting all the incredible donations we received, organizing them into silent auction and raffle items, putting together the brochures, coordinating the teacher wishlists onto the "Wish Wall", packaging and presenting everything so beautifully to fit in with the elegant theme, and managing the collection and distribution of prizes.

Thank you to our hospitality team, who transformed St. John's Church into a hip speakeasy, (even working in partial darkness to the sound of a high-pitched alarm when we had a temporary power outage) who organized delicious food and drink, beautiful decorations, awesome music, and, then, stayed well after the party was over to clean everything up.

Lastly, thank you to all of you for getting babysitters, dressing to the nines, coming out, and making the night the "cat's pajamas". I hope you all enjoyed the evening as much as I did!

Best, Nina

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