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Director's Column: It's Bowen Book Day at Newtonville Books!

Are you planning to go to Bowen Book Day at Newtonville Books, Saturday, November 16th? The owners, Mary Cotton and Jaime Clarke, are Bowen alumni and wonderful supporters of our school, teachers, and community. Each year they host a fundraiser for Bowen at their amazing space in Newton Centre, where 20% of all sales go to Bowen. It is definitely worth a visit! Books and reading are an important part of each classroom’s curriculum at Bowen. Our 3-Day class starts the year off by sharing their favorite books. Each child has an entire day dedicated to his or her favorite book; they introduce it to the class, a teacher reads it, and the activities for the day tie in with the book. In 5-Day, the children LOVE to be read to. I have noticed when a teacher or parent helper starts to read to a few children, they usually end up finding themselves reading to the entire class, who then request, "Read mine now!" and "One more, please!" Right now, they are learning about different families, with the help of the wonderful Todd Parr series of books. Pre-K are becoming fans of particular authors. They highly recommend anything by Chris Van Dusen! In fact, they have been inspired to author and illustrate their own book, Knuffle Bunny 4: Knuffle Bunny and the Baby in Paris. Look for it on Bowen bookshelves soon! I hope you find some great books to curl up with as the weather gets colder! Best, Nina

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