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3-Day: My Five Senses

The children have been so excited to learn about their favorite topic...themselves! We have had some wonderful conversations and some terrific participation as we learn about how our bodies work and how special we are. This week, we introduced our five senses!

On Friday, Mayson and I made observations throughout the morning of your children using each of their five senses to navigate their way through playtime and snack. Here is what we observed:

Will builds a garage on the back of the dollhouse, using his spacial sense to complete it.

Lilly doesn't like blueberries, but decided to give one a try. (We reminded children that it takes at least ten tries before we can determine if we really don't like something!)

Vivvy carefully chooses something from each textured materials to add to her collage.

Lorelai turns her texture collage into a face and even includes eyebrows!

Nate works with Jax to squeeze and turn the paper crimper and uses his sense of touch to feel the bumps on the paper.

Emma pulls apart the soft cotton balls and uses her fingers to stick them to the glue she has painted on her collage.

Maddie hears the tiny pasta in the container as she shakes them around to add to her collage.

Natasha compares the soft feathers to the smooth foam shapes for her texture collage.

Olly uses his sense of smell to determine what is hiding in our mystery balloons. He smelled dish soap!

Simon compares two mystery balloons at table two to guess what is inside.

Charlie notices that the cheddar bunnies taste salty and the blueberries are sweet.

Jax works with Nate to squeeze and turn the paper crimper and also uses his sense of touch to feel the bumps on the paper.

Atharv uses his sense of sight to add blocks to his magnetic tower on the light table.

Malia compares a soft stuffed animal to a hard plastic one.

Karen and Mayson

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