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Director's Column: Giving Thanks for Each of You

As we head into a short Thanksgiving week, I always like to give thanks for the Bowen community. The Director from the Red Barn Cooperative Preschool in Weston came to visit us this week, and she is new to the cooperative preschool model. She asked me how I managed so much parent involvement, and I told her I wouldn't have it any other way!

Here is some of what I see behind the scenes...the parents who bring in and set up snack for another parent who is sick, and watch each other's children during parent teacher conferences; a parent searching the dumpster to help a teacher find her lost phone; a teacher helping a parent and child with a difficult separation, then texting the parent photos of the child happily playing; a teacher picking up supplies for another classroom; a child breaking off a piece of play doh to give to another child; a child telling me, "We saved you a cupcake!"... I could go on and on. The examples of helping each other are many and your children are watching. We can talk on and on about helping our neighbors, but the concrete examples you give every day mean so much more. Since there will be no newsletter next week, I wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will be giving thanks for this incredible Bowen community that it is my privilege to be part of. Best,


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