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5-Day: Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

This week was filled with lots of hearts and love for our Valentine's theme. The children started off the week by creating a red and white paper chain to decorate our classroom. They also decorated their own bags that would hold their special Valentines. They spent a great part of the week creating cards, notes and pictures for friends and family. To enhance their experience, we set up a Post Office/Creation Station in the dramatic play area. The kids loved creating, sealing, stamping and delivering their mail. We added word cards with their names and Valentine phrases to support their writing. They are all deomonstrating growth in this area. In addition, they also created salt dough ornaments to gift you.

I took time to go around and make an observation of each child on Friday. Here are some things they were busy doing:

ARIYAN was defending the boys team cone from being knocked over during Creative Movement.

BLAKE was graphing candy hearts by color.

CECILIA was dropping off a package at the post office.

CHARLOTTE was practicing writing her name with her name card.

ELI was jumping up and down for joy as he knocked down the last cone standing on the girls' side during Creative Movement.

GEORGE was creating a “square-anator” and an “unsquare-anator” with bristle blocks.

ISLA was working the cash register at the post office.

LIAM was putting shark fins made of triangle blocks and Magna-Tiles in order.

LUKE was creating a vehicle garage out of Magna-Tiles with Ariyan.

MAE was filling her mailbag with letters to be delivered.

NICHOLAS was creating his family out of heart shapes.

ROCCO was playing and pouring in the Valentine-colored water table with Blake.

SCARLET was working on her fine motor skills by tracing hearts and letters.

SLOANE was reading a book with Cecilia.

STELLA was stamping heart prints with celery stalks.

Thank you for all the Valentines we received today. Each was special. We hope you all have a lovely week off!

Caroline & Cathy

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