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Pre-K: Review and "That Yucky Love Thing"

This week was all about review and celebrating LOVE! We are just including highlights for our newsletter, but make sure to ask your child about their other favorite activities this week.

Language and Literacy

The highlight of our week in language and literacy was a project that incorporated our "mix-it-up" theme. Each child got a heart with a classmate’s name written on it and dotted lines between each letter. They traced the name, colored in the heart, cut along the dotted lines and then re-glued the heart onto construction paper.

Math and Science

In addition to beading Magic Valentine’s Wands and counting the number of beads they used, our guest Science Friday teacher was Story, who brought in a projector from home to show us all of the planets! She and Martine also read Dr. Seuss’s There’s No Place Like Space and children had a chance to ask questions and share their space knowledge.


We used lots of different materials this week at our art table. From making marbled paper hearts, using water colors and shaving cream, to making playdough Valentine’s monsters, the class was all-in! We also tried stamping hearts with celery and didn’t work that well, but the kids got a kick out of it.

On Friday, we talked about what love looks like, feels like, and how we might show it. Here are your children’s thoughts:

  • Ashwin: Love looks like Darth Vader and it makes me feel happy and I like it.

  • Emersyn: Mostly, I love my brother because I always give him hugs and bring him toys.

  • James: It’s a heart! It would be squishy. I hug my mom and tell her, “I love you.”

  • Lucas: It makes me feel really good and it gives thanks and happy love.

  • Madeline: Hug them, kiss them, make them a special treat; it’s a heart and it’s red.

  • Marie-Sophie: Love is pretty and it looks beautiful. You can play together with lots of kids.

  • Martin: Love is kissing and it means I love how you talk and do things for me. That makes me happy.

  • Nate: For me, it feels like playing with my friends. It looks like a heart. Mom, I love.

  • Rowen: Love looks like donuts; it makes me happy and excited.

  • Story: It’s a heart; it feels like when it’s a wedding and you fall in love.

Thank you so much for all of the teacher Valentine’s love! We hope that you have a WONDERFUL break, wherever you spend it.

Emily and Martine

Questions to ask your child:

Who was Mouse’s secret Valentine?

What rhymes with “heart?” “kiss?” “love?”

How many red orbeez fit in your heart cookie cutter?

What did you think of our human knots?

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