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Building Friendships and Community in 5 Day

We have had another fabulous and busy week in 5 Day. It's been so great watching the classroom come together in friendship and cooperation. The theme this week has centered on how to be a good friend and the children have wonderful ideas about this. They are learning the routines of the classroom, becoming confortable with the schedule of the day and working very hard on listening to each other during meeting.

Looking around this week I have seen kindnesses happening all around the classroom. One child got a tissue for another without being asked, children are moving over to make space for friends at the writing center and discovery table. Also, I have heard many "May I play with you?", "Please pass the water." and "Thank you." This week one of the activities was to make a special picture for a friend. During meeting, they brought their picture to a friend in a envelope and the class opened them together. The smiles were wonderful to see.

We continue to foster cooperation in play and have taken many pictures of this in action.

*Marie-Sophie and Nate exploring the pattern blocks together

*Margot and Minna having fun in the sandbox

*Connor and Nate figuring out a puzzle

*Wilfie and Madeline sharing toys at the discovery table

*Mia and Asher discussing how much water for the measuring cups

*James and Minna reading together

*Ashwin and Connor trying to move the magnets marbles

*Kaia, Connor and Asher taking care of the babies

*Caleb and Alex playing the marble maze

*Lucas and friends making birthday cupcakes

*Marlo and Margot washing the food in the sink

*Wren and James cooking breakfast

* Mia and Lucas figuring out how to get the balls to roll

*Checking under the tree trunks for worms

I can't forget that this was our first 5 Day music class with Miss Paula and we had worms and snails come to visit. Some of the books we read are Max Cleans Up: Goodbye Summer, Hello Autum; Incredible Me; The Rainbow Fish; Little Blue Truck; Bear Sees Color.

The children have art baskets in the classroom where they place their free play art projects. They get very full and we will try to send everything home once a week, but you are free to come in and empty them any time.

An email about Showtime will be coming soon. We are hoping to start next week on the theme of a favorite book.

Kristi and Cathy


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